The Holiday season is upon us and we’re extremely excited about this year’s Christmas event special we are hosting on campus. Our goal is to create more memories for our children that they can share with each other but also to experience it with their family and friends.

We are having Santa Claus stop by to visit us and take pictures with our children. We’re also going to have Christmas cookies as desert to our very festive holiday lunch. We will have class Christmas photos to share on our website and Facebook page. And as a special entertainment guest, at 3:30pm when the kids wake up from a nap, they will be able to watch an awesome program put on by their fellow classmates for a Special Dance Recital that they’ve prepared.

We highly encourage you to talk with your child at home and get them as excited as we are to have this amazing event for them.  Christmas is the season to be jolly and we certainly plan on our event to be just that!